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The mission of Cabo Pulmo Adventures is to contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources and the environment from their use, participating in responsible execution of ecotourism as a way of commercializing snorkeling and diving activities within the Cabo Pulmo National Park that allow maintaining a high quality standard and avoiding negative environmental and ecological impacts in our community.


Cabo Pulmo Adventures wants to be recognized as a leading and consolidated organization in tourism and environmental matters, committed to improving the quality of life of the population and the sustainable management of natural resources, in a world where the peoples live in equality and dignity and in harmony with nature.

For this, it makes available the best professional capacities to guarantee high levels of efficiency in its activities while acquiring a strong commitment with all its stakeholders to fulfill its mission, becoming help and support for our clients, facilitating them tranquility and joy, solving your problems by covering your needs with a personalized service to achieve professional growth.


Environment The company's commitment to its environment is manifested in its actions and in the way of undertaking its future activities and projects, always prioritizing the environmental component in their development.
Leadership: Innovation and anticipation allows us to be a reference company that sets trends in our business activity.
Honesty: Transparency, dialogue and collaboration are the basis of all our actions.
Excellence: It is our way of working to achieve success.
Customer orientation: Achieving the satisfaction of both is the basis of our approach to excellence.
Workplace safety: Our best investment is prevention.
Caring for people: We are committed to integration and equal service.

Our corporate culture:

Cabo Pulmo Adventures wants to continue growing on the basis of respect for the Environment, its workers, suppliers, collaborators, customers and other stakeholders, so work hard to exceed your expectations and thus be able to establish ties Trusted mutual and lasting.

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